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January Jams
Sundays 2 – 6:00pm

Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY

January 26, 7:30pm Saturday An evening of I-CAN-SEE filmstrips, with Brian Dewan

The filmstrip medium delivers a cinematic experience economically, a ribbon
of sprocketed film advanced one frame at a time through a hand cranked
projector. It is not a “motion picture”; the progress of the succession of
still images is measured in seconds per frame rather than frames per second.
The heyday of the educational filmstrip lasted from about 1915 to the late
1980s. Filmstrips were a popular and inexpensive projected film medium that
was a staple in public school education, religious education and industrial
presentations.They were made to be functional pedagogical materials, and yet as in so many
human endeavors it inevitably embodies an ontological point of view whether
intended or not. This fascinating tradition deserves to be continued past
its near extinction, a practice that has fallen out of fashion but is never
obsolete.Brian Dewan will present some of his I-CAN-SEE filmstrips, as well as sing
original and historical songs with accordion and autoharp accompaniment.

“This is good ‘ole fashioned entertainment from a very very funny man
who just might be a genius.” Scott Renderer, Artistic Director

Feb 9 – 7:30pm
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NYMarriage Play by Edward Albee
Written in 1978, Marriage Play follows Jack and Gillian (married 30 years) through a duel in which old wounds are reopened, ancient infidelities resurrected, and punches freely exchanged. As always,  Albee reminds us, not without humor, that we stay alive by staying alert; by continually questioning the traps we set for ourselves, the
roles we box ourselves into.
With Peg Wilson and Scott Renderer.
Free Admission

Feb 23 – 8:00pm
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NYCallanach
Callanach is a young, fresh and dynamic five piece Celtic rock band hailing from Rochester, NY.  Their debut album “Walk On Up” is a very good addition to any Celtic Rock collection.  The band was established around fiddler Marissa Ruper.  Thus, the fiddle plays a major role on their music, but it’s perfectly backed by banjo, electric guitar, bass and drums.  
We will open up a dance floor for those who like to shake it.”
March 9 – 7:30pm
Play Reading –  The Lyons, by Nicky Silver.
Free admission.
Death looms large in Nicky Silver’s Broadway play, a caustic and canny
comedy about family dysfunction packed with surprises that are
alternately hilarious, tragic, and absurd.

Cast; Ted Cornell, Sandy Burke, Kate Donis, Dylan Duffy, and Brian LaVallee.

Note; play contains large doses of profanity. Not suitable for children.

March 16 – 4pm
THE SPACE WE MAKE  Documentary Screening
4 to 6 pm / Screening at 5pm
This is the premiere of the video documentary on the extraordinary August 2012 project which was developed and performed at the Recovery Lounge
 Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY
March 17 – 2-6pm
January Jams returns by popular demand
Pull out the fiddle, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!
April 5
Food Will Win The War Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY


April 21 4:30pm
Lucid with Grubby Bean – a very special acoustic performance

Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NYThis is a very unique acoustic performance by this local band. Based out of Plattsburgh and Paul Smiths this band has, for nearly a decade, carried with it the reputation of being the ‘hardest working band in the north country’; playing backwoods bars all evening and filling festival fields in the summer. This show at Recovery Lounge will expose a new set of original acoustic music from this group. These new tunes carry with them a fresh sound and emotion for the band, and they embrace the value of the large community that supports the group.

April 26
The Alexis P. Suter Band
“The Alexis P. Suter Band are rising stars on the roots, blues and
soul scene. Alexis’s powerful bass/baritone voice, seasoned with raw
emotion and a wide streak of attitude has won the praise of greats from
B.B. King to Levon Helm.
“It’s a rare thing to share the stage with great talent like that
young lady.”  B.B. King

May 4
Cuddle Magic
Cuddle Magic is a band and songwriting collective from Brooklyn and Philadelphia that performs lush, playful songs with wide-ranging instrumentation including strings, percussion, vibraphone, trumpet, clarinet, keyboards, guitars, and many voices.

June 7
The Honey Dewdrops

June 22  8:00pm

The Teddy Kumpel Loopestra. 

Despite what the multi layered sound might tell you, everything you hear from the Teddy Kumpel Loopestra on stage is played live. 

Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY


July 13, 7:30pm
& 10:00pm
Reservations Required – Limited Seating – 946-8315
Lower Lounge Show
Jeremiah Weed and the Medicine Show

Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY

June 19, 26
July 3, 10, 17
The Upper Jay Art Center is offering a five week seminar
on the American playwright Edward Albee
Scott Renderer will host the group from 5:00 – 6:45pm on the following Wednesdays: June 19, 26, July 3,10, 17. The cost is $175.00 to be paid in full at the first meeting. (All proceeds go to UJAC.) Participants are responsible for purchasing the reading material which is available new and used at Amazon. com.
June 19- The Zoo Story/ The American Dream (one acts)
June 26- Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
July 3- A Delicate Balance
July 10- The Play About the Baby
July 17- The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?

July 18, 7:30pm
Kevin Stoltz Jazz Trio

July 19, 8:00pm
Ana Egge
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY
Ana Egge has always talked to strangers. As a songwriter, she’s as interested in other people’s stories as she is in her own: the young mother sitting next to her on a plane, the city employee locking up the park at night. ”I’m always saying, ‘Go on, go on… ‘” laughs Ana. “And trying to hide the notebook.” But her interest is genuine– compassionate– and as a result, so are her songs; they’re real stories, told from the heart with humor and humanity.But what happens when the stranger is someone you know? When mental illness turns a loved one into someone you don’t recognize? How do you tell that story, which is both theirs, and your own? On Bad Blood, her latest (seventh) album produced by Steve Earle, Ana turns an unflinching eye on these intimate, and painful stories.

July 25, 26, 27, 28
Aug 1, 2, 3, 4
Gruesome Playground Injuries
a play by Rajiv Joseph
 Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY

August 10, 8:00pm
Maiden Creek Lodge Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NYMatthew O’Neill combines a versatile and singular guitar style, an affecting and unassuming tenor, and a wry lyrical sense that lingers on beauty and loss to craft lasting songs true to his own vision. This talented singer-songwriter has been writing and performing his guitar-driven material since the age of 13. Whether laying his hat in Woodstock, the Appalachians, the high Arizona desert, the canyons of Topanga, or the Pennsylvania countryside, O’Neill has been honing a distinctive sound which melds elements as varied as virtuosic finger-picking, classic indie rock riffs, and world music rhythms into an aural alloy that can evolve seamlessly from achingly fragile passages, to plaintive solo lines, into driving squalls. Imagine John Fahey, Neil Young, and Thurston Moore vying for time on the same ax.

August 16, 8:00pm
The band Billy Wylder
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY
From the archaic streets of Jerusalem to the small towns of America and all along the way, music has been the thread and source of strength for Billy Wylder. The band features Avi Salloway from Hey Mama/Avi & Celia joined by a boot kick crew of musical vigilantes.In the heat of the Arab Spring, Avi traveled to Israel and Palestine to work on an ethnographic music and dialogue project with young Arab and Jewish artists. Through his inspiration from the experience, new songs began to take form and the idea of Billy Wylder was born. The band recorded Sand & Gold with the help of The Low Anthem in Providence, RI and is now touring America, building the “Wylder family” of fans from town to town.

September 5
Thursday 7:00pm
Renate Schneider will read
from her recently published book, Hardships and Magic.
This episodic memoir of a girl’s life in Germany through world War II and its aftermath offers vivid descriptions of the feelings and experiences of a child’s life in tumultuous times. Brief, intense memories of the young child are here recalled in the vocabulary of the adult. Renate is a natural born storyteller, and will follow the reading with questions from the audience and a book signing.

September 13
Friday 8:00pm
Blues Legend Danny Kalb
solo acoustic
founding member of The Blues Project
Opening Act:
Robinson Treacher

October 11
Friday 7:30pm
The Recovery Lounge Presents
The Adirondack Shakespeare Company in

Adirondack Shakespeare Company

Adirondack Shakespeare Company is a professional theater troupe dedicated to serving upstate New York with world-class theatrical productions since 2009. Our signature method, Shakespeare IN THE RAW, is designed to strip down theatre to its most essential building blocks: our actors, our audience, and the story between them. For more information, visit our website at or “like” us on Facebook at
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY

November 1
Friday 8:00pm
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NY

Chicago native and recent Maine transplant Heather Styka writes songs as fresh as they are rooted in the folk tradition. Also a poet and writer, Styka has an instinct for lyrics that are smart and unexpected but never cryptic, analyzing the importance of moments, places, and relationships. In addition to numerous songwriting awards, her 2011 release Lifeboats for
Atlantis received critical praise, hitting #3 on the national FOLK-DJ

2013_archives_2Born in Portland, OR and grown in Cornish, ME Theresa Hartford’s musical style is as diverse as her background. Theresa’s powerful vocal ability ranges from a low sultry gravel, to a jazzy/rap, to the sweet and sentimental. Theresa’s soulful story-telling/song-writing has been largely influenced by her time spent as a wilderness instructor in the Adirondacks, and the people she has been fortunate enough to know in her community up north. Topics range from whimsical awkward crushes, to the woes of abuse, and refusal to settle for less than is deserved. Her first album is due to come out in the winter of 2013.

December 19, 20, 21
Curtain 7:30pm


Nick (A Christmas Pageant)
Music, Theater, Art Shows, at the Upper Jay Art Center, Upper Jay NYAn original play by Scott Renderer
Almost a decade after Adirondack novelist Russell Banks published Affliction, his gritty tale set in a tired northern New Hampshire town, the book was adapted into a screenplay, then released as a film on the same title, in 1997.  The all-star cast included NIck Nolte, Willem Dafoe, Sissy Spacek and James Coburn, who won an Academy Award for his performance.

To prepare for his role in the film as Wade Whitehouse, a small-town sheriff, Nick Nolte made a trek to the Adirondacks to meet with Russell Banks.  Banks took him to
Au Sable Forks‘ M&M Dinner, where, the story goes, the celebrity went relatively unnoticed.  But as they walked to 20 Main Tavern a crowd gathered, tailing Banks and Nolte to the local bar.  Inside, the two were treated to trademark North Country hospitality – an afternoon of laughter and libations.  A fan of Nolte’s stopped by to meet his hero; he was supposed to be home, building a changing table for the child he and his pregnant girlfriend expected any moment.  Knowing she wouldn’t believe why he was at the bar instead of finishing the changing table, the man had Nolte write her a note, then call her.

Years ago Banks relayed this story to Upper Jay Art Center director – and former Wooster Group actor – Scott Renderer.  Since then, with Banks’s blessing, Renderer’s been at work on a play about it.

See Nick ( A Christmas Pageant), directed by Renderer, at the Recovery Lounge.  This play features actors who have appeared in past Upper Jay Art Center productions and includes a cameo by Russell Banks.












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