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Play Reading — “The Antipodes” by Annie Baker
May 9-7:30pm
Donations appreciated
Director: Scott Renderer
Cast: Casey Galligan, Brian LaVallee, Asa Thomas-Train, Sarah Kingzack, Gwen Vogel, Steven Wyatt, Alex Eaton, Tyler Nichols, Zack Clemans
Les Poules a Colin Saturday, May 18- 8pm  


Taking their name from a traditional song, Les Poules à Colin were raised behind the scenes at folk festivals, learning their craft at kitchen parties amongst some of Quebec’s finest trad musicians – which included their parents – in a region famous for its living heritage.


Despite their young age, Les Poules à Colin have been playing together for over nine years and it shows in their sparkling complicity. The group has a strong stage presence and demonstrates a contagious pleasure in each and every performance, drawing the audience to them. The group has already performed in major cities and small towns  in Canada, the US, Europe, the UK and Australia, and Africa, amassing a wealth of impressive experience in a short time.

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