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Bird Brains, a play(in progress) by Michael Galligan performed by Project Mercury, a Brooklyn based theater group.

Saturday, March 9th, 8pm

Suggested donation: $15

The actors from Project Mercury are in residence at the Upper Jay Art Center this month.
Bird BrainsOstracized from Ancient Athens, Pista and Goodie seek refuge from the only place left to go: the island of the Birds. Using physical theater and grotesque Clown, the company will perform selected scenes from Birdbrains, a new comedy loosely inspired by Aristophanes’ Birds.
About Project MercuryUsing a physical, devised theater process and this source text, our ensemble seeks to create a modern allegory that flips Birds on its head. Last year, our team of seven actors and artists created a play about a climate-change apocalypse called Solarplexus, using almost only renewable energy sources. We set out to form an ensemble, in which everyone would contribute to every element of the project they found interesting. To this aim, we found that a slow and thoughtful process gave all artists the opportunity to collaborate, and for ideas to escape from any sense that they were owned by any one individual.
Kalamazoo, a play by Michelle Kholos Brooks and Kelly Younger featuring Roger Mitchell and Susy Doolittle

March 27th through 31st – 8pm

Sunday March 31st – 3pm  Tickets- $20

Call 518-946-6074 for reservations

Peg and Irv, two quirky but endearing baby-boomers, bravely venture into the world of modern dating. But when these opposites attract, they discover love isn’t any easier the second time around. Winner of the Riva Shiner Comedy Award, KALAMAZOO is a romantic comedy about life’s second act and learning you’re never too old to be young.


check out more on the Story: HERE

Daby Toure, Solo

April 13th, 8:00pm

Suggested donation- $15

Born in Mauritania, and raised in Senegal, Daby Touré lived for more than a quarter century in Paris before moving recently to Montreal. While his father and uncles formed the pioneering Afropop band Toure Kunda, Touré has always followed his own musical path, with influences ranging from African folk melodies and desert blues, to jazz, pop, reggae, funk and soul. Blessed with an open mind and an explorer’s spirit, Touré’s catchy songs are as likely to appeal to fans of African stars Habib Koité and Youssou N’Dour as they are to followers of Bob Marley, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder.
The Dylan Perrillo Orchestra

April 26th, 7pm

The Dylan Perrillo Orchestra is a medium sized collection of musical friends from Albany, New York. Since our organization in 2013, DPO has performed around the northeast for concerts, outdoor festivals, private parties and swing dances. We perform music ranging from 19th century operettas to dance hits of the 1920’s to modern original compositions making their live performances enjoyable for people of all sonic interests.
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